Need Reliable Alternatives to Santa Cruz Antibodies?
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GeneTex has been conducting side-by-side western blot studies comparing Santa Cruz antibodies to GeneTex reagents targeting the same proteins. Our goal is to assist you in identifying the most suitable GeneTex antibody to replace the Santa Cruz product you have been using.
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RAB7A antibody (GTX132548)
RAB7A antibody
14-3-3 gamma antibody (GTX113298)
14-3-3 gamma antibody
NR1H4 antibody (GTX117553)
NR1H4 antibody
GTF2H1 antibody [N1C1] (GTX111804)
GTF2H1 antibody [N1C1]



GeneTex is committed to the highest standards of product performance through our stringent quality control process. To meet this mission, we resolve to abide by the validation guidelines proposed by the International Working Group on Antibody Validation (IWGAV)1:
1. Genetic strategies
2. Orthogonal strategies
3. Independent antibody strategies
4. Tagged proteins
5. Immunocapture-Mass spectrometry



In parallel with these validation modalities, we have initiated our knockout/knockdown program to confirm the specificity of more than 400 GeneTex antibodies. Our goal is to make our knockout/knockdown protocol a standard component of our validation procedure for new antibodies, and continue to assess other products already in our catalog. We are further expanding these quality-control efforts through side-by-side testing with comparable products from other antibody vendors or resources. Not only does this offer supportive evidence for the specificity of a given antibody, it also gives researchers the opportunity to evaluate the comparative performance of our products. While these types of comparative studies do not definitively establish antibody specificity, they do show whether the same band is detected by two different reagents. All of this effort is dedicated to our primary goal of building researcher confidence in our products.




1. Nat Methods. 2016 Oct;13(10):823-7.


* Santa Cruz Biotechnology is not affiliated with GeneTex and does not endorse these products.