Isotype Control

Inclusion of an appropriate isotype control is essential for the proper interpretation of experimental results. Because isotype control antibodies have no relevant specificity, they enable the researcher to distinguish non-specific "background" binding from antigen-specific antibody binding. Non-specific binding of primary antibodies may occur due to either binding of antibody to Fc receptors or non-specific interactions with cellular proteins, lipids, or carbohydrates.

Additionally, autofluorescence or endogenous enzyme activity in target cells may give a false positive that could be misinterpreted as antibody binding. These factors vary by target cell type and the isotype of the primary antibody. Therefore, the primary antibody used should be matched to an isotype control of identical species and isotype (including both heavy and light chains).

    IgG IgM IgA IgE IgY
Human PU GTX35065        
AP GTX35066        
HRP GTX35067        
Mouse PU GTX35009 GTX35031 GTX35045 GTX35044  
B GTX35011 GTX35033 GTX35079    
F GTX35010 GTX35032 GTX35078    
PE GTX35012 GTX35034 GTX35080    
Rat PU GTX35047 GTX35074      
B GTX35049 GTX35076      
F GTX35048 GTX35075      
PE GTX35050 GTX35077      
Rabbit PU GTX35035 GTX35038      
F GTX35036        
PE GTX35037        
Goat PU GTX35039        
B GTX35041        
F GTX35040        
PE GTX35042        
Sheep PU GTX35002        
B GTX35003        
PE GTX35004        
Hamster PU GTX35005        
B GTX35007        
F GTX35006        
PE GTX35008        
Canine PU GTX35072        
Rhesus Monkey PU GTX35073        
Swine PU GTX35046        
Chicken PU         GTX35001


    IgG1 IgG2a IgG2b IgG2c IgG3
Human PU GTX35068        
AP GTX35069        
HRP GTX35070        
PE GTX35071        
Mouse PU GTX35014 GTX35019 GTX35023 GTX35043 GTX35027
B GTX35016 GTX35021 GTX35025 GTX35013 GTX35029
F GTX35015 GTX35020 GTX35024   GTX35028
PE GTX35017 GTX35022 GTX35026   GTX35030
Rat PU GTX35051 GTX35055 GTX35059 GTX35063  
B GTX35053 GTX35057 GTX35061 GTX35064  
F GTX35052 GTX35056 GTX35060    
PE GTX35054 GTX35058 GTX35062